Welcome to H3X

H3X is the first variable length deflationary staking platform.

Staking Earnings

Holders earn rewards generated through network activity and can reedeem or stake their new H3X.

Built for Value

H3X is a token with the added utility of being both transparently staked and burned at a 10% rate.

H3X Dex

The decentralized exchange operates via the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate safe and secure transactions.

dApp Development

A series of Web 3.0 dApps can utilize H3X Tokens. Developers are welcome to build upon the infrastructure.

Stake Drops

H3X will be partially distributed via a series of drops via, Telegram and Twitter and community events.


As H3X grows, be on the lookout for updates to the roadmap regarding the progression of the project.

We are distributed

We take pride in the project and community. We want to provide the best experience and platform possible.

H3X is Verified.

Below is the verified smart contract on bscscan. H3X code has been audited and can only use the functions found within the contract.

Smart Contract


  • General Functionality
  • Benefits of H3X
  • Smart Contract Functions
  • Simplicity and Accessibility
  • Anonymous, Global & Secure
  • Further Development